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petco grooming

Petco grooming employees : “They put profit over groomers lives,” said a Petco employees. “They preach ‘flatten the curve, stay home,’ but they do not practice it”.


  • Petco is furloughing several of its 25,000 national employees, per a letter sent to staff members by store manager Justin Tichy on Wednesday and obtained by Business Insider.
  • In the letter, Tichy wrote that grooming salon employees, however, are allowed to continue working “based on their current salon status.” the corporate has refused to shut grooming facilities despite the national debate over their essential status and mandatory closure in some states.
  • In a separate memo sent to managers before the furloughs were announced, executives wrote that grooming employees cannot “self-select furloughs” so as “to try and close their salons.”
  • “They’re putting the profit on the groomers’ lives,” a Petco employee in Texas told Business Insider. “They preach ‘flatten the curve, stay home,’ but they do not practice it. Especially within the grooming salon. It’s impossible for us to be six feet faraway from our customers.”

Petco is furloughing many of its 25,000 employees in response to declining sales during the coronavirus, with one notable exception: grooming salon employees.

In a company-wide email sent Wednesday and obtained by Business Insider, Petco’s director of stores, Justin Tichy, wrote that several positions, including “various dog trainer roles, front-end customer experience specialists and sales experience leaders” are placed inactive for up to eight. weeks. However, only “certain” grooming salon employees are included within the leave “based on this status of their salon” – that’s, in states where authorities have mandated the closure of such facilities.

In the letter, Tichy wrote that the corporate had experienced a major come by sales, at the same time as Petco left its 1,500 stores open across the country due to its essential business status, much to the dismay of employees who told Business Insider last week that they feared for his or her safety.

We can not still operate as we’ve up to now,” Tichy wrote. “To ensure our ability to weather this storm and emerge even stronger, we’ve got made some tough partnership decisions. These decisions were designed to reduce the financial impact on individuals and protect the long run of Petco and can impact the complete organization.”

Petco tells groomers to not try to shut their salons

While Petco has remained open as a significant business, a fierce debate continues to rage across the country over the status of grooming centers, both privately owned salons and facilities in big box stores like Petco and PetSmart. While some argue that grooming could be a vanity service – almost like human haircuts, which are indefinitely discontinued thanks to salon and spa closures – others say it’s essential to maintaining pet hygiene.

In a separate memo sent to managers before the announcement of the furlough, Petco executives wrote that the corporate had decided which grooming salons would remain open versus people who would close “in accordance with government guidelines or those where significant personnel issues would be encountered.

The memo, which was also obtained by Business Insider, includes answers for managers to commonly asked questions. as an example, “Can partners self-select their leave or attempt to close their salon?” – managers provided a solution that quickly closes that option and discourages such behavior.

“No. break day isn’t voluntary, and partners who choose to not work during that point could also be eligible for private leave,” the memo states. “Personal leaves are generally not considered eligible events for unemployment benefits; however, partners should see their respective state unemployment insurance agencies to verify.

Another question reads: “If additional fairs are closed by local authorities, will there be more vacations?”

“We will maintain our current assessment of operations supported local authorities and exit if necessary,” the response states.

They’re putting the profit on the groomers’ lives.

While Petsmart temporarily closed its grooming salons in March, Petco refused to shut its facilities unless mandated to try to to so by individual state authorities, taking a cue from other retail niches like craft stores that used different state policies to their advantage within the quest to remain open.

Petco is that the grocery, the pharmacy and, in many cases, the doctor’s office for beloved pets,” a Petco spokesperson told Business Insider in a very statement. “We are grateful that our stores are universally recognized as essential, and that we are proud to be receptive serve and look after pets and their families during this unimaginable challenge.”

The spokesperson continued, “We believe that providing grooming services is crucial to the health and well-being of pets.

Priscilla Perez, who worked as a Petco groomer in city, Texas for five years, told Business Insider that when Petsmart announced the temporary closure of grooming centers in March, Petco management said it had been “a win” for the corporate and “a great time to extend sales. ”

“They’re putting profit over groomers’ lives,” she said. “They preach ‘flatten the curve to remain reception,’ but they do not practice it. Especially within the grooming salon. It’s impossible for us to be six feet off from our clients.”

petco grooming

When she expressed concerns about the security of herself and her teammates, she said management was dismissive and “got mad” at her for speaking out. As a result, she began sharing tips together with her clients on the way to take care of their pets reception.

“Meanwhile, I desire pet parents can practice basic grooming skills reception,” she says. “I’ve sent videos to my clients on a way to clip and grind nails, pick and clean ears, et cetera. I told them I didn’t plan on anyone unless the animal’s health was in danger.

However, in its statement to Business Insider, Petco argued that “many pet parents don’t seem to be capable or properly equipped to groom their pets reception,” in step with the corporate spokesperson.

“The grooming services we offer in stores don’t seem to be in the least cherish human haircuts or ‘salon’ services,” the spokesperson said. “Our professional groomers provide specialized care moreover because the products, space and, most significantly, the talents and training to assist minimize the chance of injury, irritation and infection to the pet.”

As states prefer of grooming, employees fear for his or her lives
Sentiments around grooming still vary widely from state to state. as an example, although Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has ordered that pet grooming isn’t essential apart from veterinary purposes, the state has allowed salons in stores like Petco to stay open. Meanwhile, in states like Ohio, local officials recently required all pet grooming facilities to stay closed and commenced sending cease-and-desist letters to Petco grooming salons earlier this month.

Yet Petco continues to take care of that grooming is a vital service and is doing everything it can to stay salons open in states that haven’t yet put a firm foot down on these facilities. during a memo sent to store managers in California last month, titled “Grooming is important for Pet Health and Wellness,” executives shared many reasons why grooming centers should remain open.

“Keeping a pet well-groomed, with services provided by professional groomers, is crucial. Without proper grooming care, pets will be exposed to negative health effects,” the memo, obtained by Business Insider last week, reads.

On Wednesday, an employee in California who has worked at Petco for nine years told Business Insider that he has “never been more disappointed” within the company. The worker, who spoke on condition of anonymity to shield his job, said he felt rattled by Petco executives for insisting that employees were essential, then firing them anyway as sales dried up.

“Can anyone imagine Publix, Ralphs, Whole Foods or Costco telling their regular employees that business is slowing down, so that they are now off and going home? That’s unconscionable,” he said. “We are essential workers when it’s convenient, at the start and also the worst of the pandemic, and completely expendable when we’ve just arrived on the plateau and also the company must minimize financial losses for its private equity owners.”

He added that for the few employees still reporting to figure, many will still face inadequate protections against the coronavirus. Petco employees told Business Insider last week that they’d to form their own makeshift barriers and protections, while others struggled to get masks and gloves.

“They asked tens of thousands of their “partners” to risk their lives by keeping stores open while customers shopped during the rapid rise of the coronavirus infection while providing little or no [personal protective equipment] or social distancing measures that truly worked. “, said the Petco employee in California.

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