My cat got lost Or I found a cat, What to do?

Lost your cat? There are several solutions available to you to place all the probabilities on your side and find it quickly. If, on the opposite hand, you have got found a cat or kitten, give some thought to people who are searching for it.


1. the way to find your lost cat?
2. Found cat, abandoned kitten: what to do?

For various reasons, your cat didn’t come home! If the cat’s runaway is frequent, especially in uncastrated males, it’s a source of concern for its owners. What to try to to when your cat doesn’t come home? On the contrary, you have got taken during a cat that seems lost? Make the correct arrangements so he can find his owners quickly.

How to find your lost cat?
Repeated calls

Your cat hasn’t sink in and you’re beginning to worry seriously. Your repeated calls are useless and you do not know what to try and do. Start by going around your neighborhood and your neighbors to allow them to know that your cat is missing. they will have seen him, especially if they’re cat owners themselves. the simplest time to seem for it’s within the evening. That’s when the cat is most alert and presumably to listen to you. The environment is calm at nightfall which is able to prevent your voice from being covered by other noises. Repeat your calls nightly for five minutes every half hour. Your cat may hear you the primary time, but betting on the circumstances, it should not be ready to reach you immediately. Repeat nightly for as long because it takes.

Warn the professionals within the area

When your cat is lost and you’ve got notified the neighbors, you need to also report it to the professionals, the veterinarians near you. If your cat is flea or tattooed, you’ll have a way better chance of finding it. you ought to also inform the government building and also the gendarmerie, especially if you reside within the countryside. do not forget to alert your delivery boy. He moves around plenty and definitely knows your cat. Moreover, he could also be able to relay the data.

Contact the pound and also the Fichier national félin (national cat registry).

Call the pound nearest you and report your cat missing. If your cat is tattooed or chipped, contact the Fichier national félin or ICAD. The latter includes a website to assist you with the method. The ICAD has recently created an application for your smartphone: Filalapat. This application can facilitate your find your cat.

Prepare small posters

Prepare flyers with an image of your cat and a signal to achieve you. Place these posters at merchants, in shopping malls, in class entrances, near cash machines… In short, altogether the very transient places. you’re not allowed to place posters on road signs or on private supports.

Found cat, abandoned kitten: what to do?
If the cat is injured

If you discover an injured cat, you need to contact the government building or the fireplace department. He are taken to the closest veterinarian to receive the required care. If you manage things yourself, you’ll should advance the fees unless the cat is chipped or tattooed which can then identify the owners.

You find an abandoned cat

You must first look to determine if the abandoned cat is wearing a collar with a medal and a signaling. If he is, try and see if he features a tattoo. If not, contact town hall, the municipal police or the closest veterinarian. If you’ll catch him, take him to the veterinarian who will check for an electronic identification chip.

You have found a kitten

If you discover an abandoned kitten, it’s going to be truly abandoned or orphaned. If it’s a kitten that’s alone and seems hungry, there’s an excellent risk that nobody will be sure of it. the primary thing to try and do is to test with the neighborhood. betting on the results of your investigation, either you’re taking him to blame and judge to adopt him otherwise you take him to a veterinarian or a shelter.

Can I keep the cat I found?

From a regulatory point of view and for health reasons, an adoption must not be direct (i.e. from the road cat to your home) and is meant to follow the legal route. Thus, the stray cat must be taken to the pound, and stay there to form sure that the owners don’t come searching for it, but also to look at for the looks of contagious diseases. it’s then that adoption is feasible via animal protection associations. The fear of the pound is great among many folks. If this is often your case and you want to stay the newcomer in your home without longing the pound: consider respecting a quarantine of fifteen days to shield the animals already living in your house.

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