How to keep Cats away from Christmas tree with this Tips

How to keep cats away from christmas tree: The end of the year holidays are approaching, and with them the time to put in the Christmas tree and decorate it. But this family time you like most could be a difficult time for several cat guardians: those playful, mischievous creatures like to climb your Christmas tree and trash it.How to keep cats away from christmas tree

To prevent this long-awaited moment from turning into a nightmare due to these acrobatic felines, EduAnimals offers you a series of tips to stay the cat off from the Christmas tree.

Steps to follow:


The first step to stay your cat removed from the Christmas tree are to decide on the sort of tree that’s best for you and for HIM.

Between a true tree and an artificial one, the other could also be the safest option: its needles are less sharp than those of a natural tree and you’ll choose atiny low one, which can limit the damage just in case of a fall.

Prefer a conifer with a awfully firm and solid base in order that it remains as stable as possible if your cat decides to leap on that. If you continue to choose a natural true fir, bear in mind that your cat may be poisoned by potable from the tree and avoid in the slightest degree costs the employment of fertilizers or products that would be harmful to the animal.

We don’t advise you to choose large fir trees. Indeed, if your cat climbs them despite your efforts to stop it, the damage would be more important.


Then attempt to place the tree within the best place to stop your cat from climbing it. Position it in an exceedingly clear area surrounded by space, with no objects or furniture nearby from which your cat could bestride it.

Ideally, the tree should be fixed to the ceiling or wall to make sure greater stability and stop it from falling easily. If possible, close the space during which the tree is found in the dead of night or when nobody is present to observe the animal.

After placing the tree, let your cat approach it and satisfy his curiosity, but if he seems to require to leap on that, dissuade him. a decent idea would be to own a sprig bottle crammed with water: if your pet pretends to climb the tree, spray it and say “no” during a firm tone. Once your pet has been sprayed with water persistently for trying to climb it, he will surely understand that the Christmas tree isn’t a fun toy.


Now that the tree is in situ, cover its base with aluminium foil. The latter encompasses a repellent effect for the cat, which hates its texture and therefore the feeling of sticking its claws in it. during this way, you may prevent it from walking on the bottom to climb the tree. additionally, the aluminum prevents the animal from urinating on the bottom.

How to keep cats away from christmas tree:


It is already time to decide on the decorations for your tree. First of all, avoid decorations that are too attractive for your cat, like people who hang plenty, spin or noise. it’s also preferable to avoid tinsel lights, which are a magnet for lots of attention from cats and will be very dangerous for them. Also avoid decorations crammed with catnip (Nepeta cataria), which are very dangerous for your cat’s health, and take care with edible decorations: chocolate is toxic for these animals.

Instead, use cloth ornaments or unbreakable and huge decorations to stop your cat from swallowing them, like dolls or large balls. After putting the tree in situ, let your cat get accustomed it for some days before adding the decorations.

If you continue to have doubts about Christmas decorations and your cat’s safety, visit the article on dangerous Christmas decorations for pets.

How to keep cats away from christmas tree, Enjoy this funny video:

Now it’s finally time to brighten your Christmas tree in a very fun way. If possible, avoid doing it within the presence of your cat: seeing you manipulate the decorations would considerably arouse his interest and he would mistake them for toys.

Furthermore, we advise you to not decorate the lower third of the tree, the part at eye level: if he doesn’t see any decoration, his curiosity and interest within the tree will diminish, as will the likelihood that he will mount the Christmas tree.

In conclusion, to forestall your tree from ending to the bottom or as a…chapin, here’s what you would like to try and do :

  • Favour synthetic firs
  • Attach the tree to the ceiling or wall
  • Cover its base with aluminum foil: cats hate it.
  • Avoid decorations that dangle an excessive amount of or make plenty of noise.
  • Do not decorate the lower third of the tree: at the peak of the cat’s eyes.
  • Also discover on Planète Animal 10 original gift ideas for your cat at Christmas and surprise your pet with an unexpected
  • Christmas gift. We also recommend that you simply visit the article on cat toys to search out ideas for the vacations.

Happy Holidays to you all! EduAnimals Team.

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