How to choose your rabbit?

Choose your rabbit: Once you’ve got made your decision, you may have to choose a selected breed, gender, know where you’re visiting perish, and ensure it’s healthy. In other words, you are going to wish the recommendation of our experts!


1. Choice of sex, age or number of rabbits adopted
2. Which breed of rabbit to choose?
3. Choosing a healthy rabbit
4. Where to shop for your rabbit?

Beware, a rabbit isn’t a luxurious toy to please children, it’ll require special attention for about ten years. So, beyond the standards for selecting your future companion, the primary question to ask yourself is whether or not he or she is admittedly motivated to welcome this new member of the family. After answering this question, several criteria will facilitate your find the best rabbit.

Choice of sex, age or number of adopted rabbits
Is it necessary to decide on a male or a female?

A priori, both sexes are often as docile as one another. On the one hand, males will tend to mark their territory with jets of urine, a priority that castration can solve between 4 and 6 months. On the opposite hand, females will have periods of warmth. In both cases, and considering the legendary sexual instinct of the rabbit, sterilization is strongly recommended.

At what age should a rabbit be adopted?

Even if you most likely have a crush on very young rabbits some weeks old, it’s preferable to adopt an older rabbit. Before that age, it’s likely that the rabbit won’t be weaned and also the risk of death is higher. a minimum of 2-3 months old, the rabbit will are able to stick with its mother long enough to be socially balanced and inherit the nutrients and bacteria necessary for the correct functioning of its digestive and immune systems.

You can also adopt an adult rabbit, but you’ll should be more patient to achieve her trust.

Is it necessary to adopt several rabbits?

The rabbit could be a gregarious animal that likes to measure in society. Although it’s possible to possess just one rabbit, the perfect for your pet is to own a companion. However, watch out to create the proper choices because the cohabitation between rabbits isn’t necessarily harmonious. Two males or two females will tend to fight. a pair will tend to breed very quickly. the perfect remaining then a castrated male and a sterilized rabbit…

Which breed of rabbit to choose?

If all of them come from the identical ancestor, the wild rabbit, the breeds of domestic rabbits are very different from one another. you’ll then choose rabbits with straight ears, floppy ears, short-haired or long-haired rabbits, dwarf rabbits or perhaps giant rabbits, with plain fur or not…

All of them have advantages and drawbacks. to be told more, please visit our article dedicated to the most breeds of rabbits.

Choosing a healthy rabbit

Once you have got defined your main criteria (sex, dress, number…), you’ll should observe several criteria to make sure that your rabbit is healthy. To be sure, you must observe :

  • His eyes must not run, not be dirty;
  • His nose must not run and must be dry;
  • The coat must not be dirty and must be soft to the touch, dense, without parasites and without bare areas or bite marks ;
  • His teeth must be straight, aligned, in good shape and of fine length;
  • The ears must be clean, without stains or crusts on the inside;
  • The skin must be freed from crusts or sores;
  • The abdomen should be soft and not swollen;
  •  Its muscles must be harmoniously developed and no nodules should be felt under the skin;
  • The stool should be small, hard, well-formed balls;

The anus and also the area under the tail should be clean. Also look within the cage if there’s no diarrhea. If there’s, choose another group of rabbits because this disease is incredibly contagious.

Where to shop for your rabbit?

You have the selection between pet shops, private individuals, shelters or breeders.

Pet stores don’t seem to be very talked-about with experts, because the salesmen generally have a really patchy knowledge of rabbits, often selling them too young and sometimes sick.
More and more breeders allow you to be told more about the origins of the rabbit you’re visiting adopt. it’s also the perfect solution if you would like a purebred rabbit. Here again, the selection of the breeder will depend upon word of mouth, as not all professionals are the identical.
Many shelters welcome abandoned rabbits of all breeds and ages. The rabbit is then often sold at an occasional price. The people answerable are going to be ready to inform you about the character of their protégé. Don’t think that an abandoned rabbit is by default aggressive and asocial. On the contrary, a number of them are very grateful for the second chance offered to them by their masters and become very cuddly.

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