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How to choose your Cat: You want a nice kitty, but you are afraid of finding yourself with a potential tiger? So that your idyll remains ideal and never becomes fatal, take the time to choose your future roommate!


1. Two questions to ask yourself before “cracking”.
                                 2. Alley cat or pedigree cat?

how to choose your cat

The French love them and as proof, they have adopted more than ten million of them, which makes cats, one of our compatriots’ favorite pets, well before dogs (but well after our 36 million fish).

Two questions to ask yourself before you “crack”

Cats to give, to adopt, there are cats on all sides. However, don’t give in to temptation too quickly and start by investigating! Do you know the mother of the kitten you are being offered? If so, how does she behave with humans? Studies have shown that a soft and cuddly mother cat, who let herself be stroked during her gestation, has all the chances to have transmitted this serenity to her kittens, whereas a fearful mother, even phobic towards humans, is likely to have made them suspicious.

A small test can confirm this idea: take the kitten that is offered to you by the skin of the neck and lift it a few centimeters: the one born from a “cat love” has all the chances to let itself be done, while the other one will have only one idea in mind: to tear your wrist! Unless you’re looking for complications, choose the accommodating kitten.

Alley cat or pedigree cat?

If you have a very precise idea of the criteria you are looking for in a cat, it is better to turn to a purebred cat, which has been selected for generations for its physical traits and character traits. Siamese cats, for example, are reputed to be talkative, Carthusian cats are quiet and Persians are peaceful. To know where to find the cat that is right for you, do not hesitate to ask for advice from a veterinarian – he will be happy to have you as a client afterwards – and from the presidents of breed clubs (list on, under the heading “cat breeds”).

Visit several catteries and wherever you go (including private individuals), check that the kittens are kept in good hygienic conditions, that they look healthy – with a bumpy coat, bright eyes, clean hindquarters – and that they can be handled. Finally, there are many small felines in shelters, including purebred cats. Ask, however, what was the reason for abandonment (if known) to avoid repeating the same mistakes.

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