How to choose your bird?

Choose your bird: Adopting a bird deserves some thought. If small ornamental birds live 5 years on the average, others just like the African Grey live 60 years and veterinarians even know centenarians!


                1.Adopting a bird: make the proper choice
                2.Buy your bird at the proper place

Start by asking yourself the correct questions. does one have room for a cage and the way big is it? does one prefer a beautifully colored bird, an excellent singer or an honest talker? have you ever considered a vacation care solution? what proportion time does one must devote thereto on a daily basis? Don’t rely an excessive amount of on your children for all cleaning and hygiene tasks.

Adopting a bird: make the correct choice

When you start, some birds are much easier to manage than others: this can be the case of canaries, mandarin diamonds, Japanese nightingales (or yellow Leiothrix), golden sparrows and parakeets, which have many advantages: affordable to shop for, easy to stay in captivity and not very shy. additionally, some birds like callopsitta parakeets have a relaxed, peaceful temperament and are even very cuddly, once tamed. As for canaries (males), nightingales and sparrows, they need a very melodious song. However, this asset can quickly change into a nightmare if you reside in an exceedingly poorly insulated apartment with irascible neighbors: indeed, a bird likes to sing at sunrise, give some thought to it! If you are a household maniac, turn over before you crack: a bird often makes a multitude around its cage, whether or not only by sorting its seeds in its feeder.

This becomes rather more complicated with the selection of a parrot: additionally to its longevity, which makes it a lifelong companion, this animal requires plenty of attention on a daily (some say “like an infant”) as an alternative it’ll develop serious behavioural problems. Same thing if you select a “talking” bird just like the Mainate: to show it to repeat your words, you may need a decent dose of patience, with no guarantee of results.

Buy your bird at the correct place

Never buy an exotic bird from someone who requires payment in cash and doesn’t issue you a certificate of sale. Some species are protected and you’ll face serious penalties, up to and including jail time. A captive-born and farmed bird – which is what you wish – are often identified by the presence of a closed band on its leg (whereas an open band closed with a clip often means the animal was captured within the wild and should be illegally imported). Above all, take a offspring that has already been weaned (2 or 3 months betting on the breed), or perhaps two birds if it’s proven that it prefers living in an exceedingly group.

Ask a veterinarian who knows birds well for addresses – he are going to be happy to own you as a client later – and visit several specialized stores. Choose only an active, smooth plumage, clean hindquarters that flies away as you approach. Dirty or ruffled feathers are often an indication that the bird is sick, especially if it’s running rather than flying away…

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