Homemade or industrial dish?

Homemade or industrial dish? It can be difficult to know what food to choose for your dog. Homemade or industrial food, each has its advantages.


   1.Advantages of industrial dishes                                   2.Advantages of homemade dishes


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Homemade or industrial dish : Preparing your dog’s food means knowing exactly what he is eating. But homemade meals must be perfectly balanced and can be tedious to prepare day after day. Industrial food is already ready and, when it is of good quality, provides the dog with everything he needs.

Advantages of industrial food

Industrial dishes can be separated into two categories: dry foods such as croquettes and wet foods such as pâté.

Dry industrial dishes

The dry industrial dishes are the croquettes. When they are of good quality, they are excellent for your dog’s health. The rations are easy to prepare and contain all the necessary nutrients for his activity. The croquettes are easy to store, easy to dose and do not give off any smell. They contribute to your dog’s good oral health by limiting tartar deposits. It is a hygienic food that is easy to digest. However, be careful to choose good quality kibbles; standard products do not always contain what your dog needs.

Wet industrial dishes

Wet industrial dishes correspond to cans of pâté. They are much more appetizing for the dog than kibbles and are very moist. This can be useful for animals that drink little or are prone to urinary tract infections. Pâtés allow you to vary the flavors offered to your dog. This food is more expensive and remains impractical on a daily basis. However, it can meet the specific needs of older dogs or can be offered in alternation with kibbles.

Advantages of homemade meals

Homemade meals allow you to know exactly what your dog is eating. You are the one who buys the food you choose. You know the quality of the ingredients that make up your dog’s ration. These homemade meals are more pleasurable for your dog because they contain foods he likes. You also enjoy preparing your dog’s food. He doesn’t eat leftovers from your table, but carefully selected foods that provide him with everything he needs. The ration must be perfectly balanced so that there is no risk of deficiencies.

A new trend for home-cooked food is called BARF for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. The aim of this food is to give the dog food that is as close as possible to what he would naturally eat in the wild. BARF therefore consists of meat, bones, offal, eggs, vegetables, oils, herbs and algae. Beware of this diet, it must be offered with care and with the advice of the veterinarian.

With the homemade meal system, you know exactly what your dog is eating and the ingredients all have a natural and identifiable origin. But homemade meals require a lot of preparation. Every day, your dog’s dish has to be cooked. The main disadvantage is the risk of deficiency.

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