Dog food: kibbles or cans?

Dog food : so as to feed your dog properly, you need to ask yourself if you ought to choose the croquettes or the cans. Each food has its advantages and drawbacks.


1. Advantages of petfood (dry food)                                    2. Advantages of pet-food cans or pâtés (wet food)

Dry or wet food? What do you have to give your dog to produce him with all the essential nutrients he needs? Each food has advantages and downsides. If you actually can’t decide, you’ll be able to alternate between the 2 kinds of food.

Advantages of pet-food (dry food)
Quality is crucial

Kibbles have many advantages, but the standard of the food must come first. If you decide on premium kibbles, your dog won’t get all the nutrients he needs permanently health. to supply him with everything he needs, you must choose good quality premium kibbles. The Sam & Lily brand offers you a variety of healthy kibbles with a high content of meat and fresh produce, and with little or no cereals.

Easy to dose and store

The kibbles are easy to dose and store. Once the bag is opened, it may be kept without getting damaged and doesn’t smell bad. Just follow the indicated doses and your dog will find everything he needs in his meals. Dry food is therefore more hygienic. it’s also easier to store large quantities of food in a very small space.

Dry food is simpler to digest

Kibbles are easier to digest than wet foods. there’s no must feed very large amounts and also the dog has a neater time digesting them. The stool is a smaller amount abundant and has less odor.

Good oral hygiene

Dry food promotes good oral hygiene for your dog. By chewing the kibble daily, the dog “brushes his teeth”. Consuming dry food helps to limit the formation of tartar on the teeth.

Advantages of petfood cans or pâtés (wet food)
An appetizing meal

Pâtés are appetizing meals for the dog. More often than not, he prefers to eat pâtés instead of kibbles. The tastes are varied and this permits your pet to not always eat the identical thing day after day.

A very moist diet

The cans correspond to a awfully wet feed. this will be interesting if your dog doesn’t drink enough. However, since food contains lots of moisture, the dog must eat over just kibble to urge the identical amount of nutrients. The high humidity also helps to limit the occurrence of possible urinary problems.

Easier to swallow

For older dogs or very young dogs, swill is simpler to swallow. they’re more suitable for dogs that are difficult to feed or have little appetite.

Can I alternate between the 2 forms of food?
By alternating pâté and kibble, your dog will get pleasure from the benefits of every sort of food while limiting the disadvantages. However, it’s preferable to present the bulk of the food within the style of kibbles to limit the looks of plaque. In any case, ensure that your dog always has H2O available.

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