The coronavirus mutation found in farmed mink in Denmark has arisen in the past, genetic data shows.

The animal is accused of spreading a mutant version of the coronavirus to humans, which could undermine the effectiveness of future vaccines.

COVID-19 News –  Cases reported to mink farms in Denmark – 15 million mink at the slaughterhouse. Denmark took the selection Wednesday, November 4, to sacrifice its entire national farm as a precautionary measure. The animal is suspected of transmitting to humans a mutant version of the coronavirus that may reduce the effectiveness of vaccines under development. No scientific studies on the matter exist for the moment.

coronavirus cases reported to mink farms

Covid-19 cases reported to mink farms in Denmark.

Mink is one all told the animals that will transmit diseases to humans and specifically Covid-19. After the first cases of coronavirus during this animal, Copenhagen had already launched this summer a slaughter campaign in infected farms. Executions have already taken place in other countries, including European nation.

According to the explanations of the Danish authorities, now there was a mutation of the virus. The mutation wouldn’t cause more severe effects in humans, but during a reduced effectiveness of human antibodies, which threatens the event of a vaccine against Covid-19.

“The virus mutated via mink may create the danger that the future vaccine won’t work because it should (…) it’s a necessity to cull all mink,” the Prime Minister said at a conference. “The number of mink animals must be reduced to between 15 and 17 million, in step with authorities.

coronavirus cases reported to mink farms

Less effective antibodies?

“This restructure of Covid-19 detected on mink doesn’t react the utmost amount to antibodies because the conventional virus. The antibodies still have an impression, but not as effective,” explained the highest of the Danish disease Control Authority (SSI), Kåre Mølbak.

Denmark announces that 12 people have already been infected with what they concede to be a mutation of Covid-19. Researchers specializing within the ordination of the virus tempered: “I haven’t seen any new sequences of the virus from Denmark since May,” researcher Emma Hodcroft at the University of Basel, Switzerland, explained on Twitter.

The possible effects of a mutation of the virus on antibody production haven’t been clearly observed up to now and remain to be demonstrated. Emma Hodcroft regrets that this announcement isn’t supported by any scientific publication.

“Continued mink farming would imply some way higher risk to public health, both in Denmark and abroad,” said the top of the Danish disease Control Authority (SSI), Kåre Mølbak.

12 transmissions, in step with Denmark

“This could also be a threat to the event of coronavirus vaccines, so we’d prefer to conduct a national campaign,” he said.

Denmark is assumed worldwide for its domestic production of mink skin. quite one thousand Danish farms have made a fortune from mink farming. Economic consequences are feared.

If this mutation is proven, it’d not be the first time the virus has evolved. to this point the new varieties of Covid-19 haven’t altered its dangerousness.

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