At what age to adopt a cat or kitten

Age to adopt a cat: For the subsequent relationship between the owner and the cat, but also for the good development of the kitten, it is essential to wait until the cat has completed weaning and most of the education of her young, around the age of three months.


                                 1.  At what age to adopt a kitten?
                                  2.  How to determine the age of a kitten ?


How not to crack when faced with a pretty hairball a few weeks old? However, it is not advisable to separate a kitten from its mother before the end of the weaning period. The kitten’s emotional development and socialization depend on it.

At what age to adopt a cat ?

The ideal age: three months

It is generally considered today that the ideal age to adopt a kitten is three months. This period corresponds to the time it takes for the cat to become autonomous. The newborn kitten is entirely dependent on its mother, as much for its food as for its toilet or elimination functions. From three months of age, the mother gradually pushes him away.

Can we adopt earlier?

The minimum legal age is eight weeks. But for many kittens, it is a little early, because the weaning is not really finished. After the physiological weaning (food, grooming) begins the psychological weaning, during which the kitten becomes emotionally detached from its mother and siblings. Of course, it can happen that we have to adopt a kitten earlier, for example if it is an orphan. In this case, the adopter will have to take care of part of the education.

How to determine the age of a kitten?

When you buy your kitten from a breeder, the breeder obviously knows the date of birth of the animal. For kittens adopted from a shelter, this is not always the case, but the veterinarian who examines the animal determines its age based on its physical development and dentition. Other clues can guide the adopter if the kitten comes from an individual or if it is an abandoned kitten. Kittens only open their eyes after a week to ten days. They begin to crawl, then to walk after a fortnight and usually stand on their paws after three weeks. Whereas they are all in roundness when they are babies, they begin to lengthen as of one month and half, even two months. At three months, they are in a way miniature cats.

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