An application that understands your cat’s meows

Understand cat’s meows: If you’ve always wondered what your cat meant by meowing, this application is for you and your feline. A former Amazon engineer developed the MeowTalk application that claims to translate the meows of our four-legged friends. there’s definitely an app for everything!

“I’m hungry”, “I’m happy”, “I’m in pain”. Here are three of the nine translations that the MeowTalk app offers to higher understand your cat. per information reported by several American media this Monday, November 16th, Javier Sanchez, an engineer who worked for Amazon, has created a replacement application to assist translate the meows of those felines into English.

> Watch this video to understand how it works!

Already available free on iOS and Android, the appliance is currently in beta version. Users are invited to refine the info by indicating once they think the interpretation is correct. they will also add their own translations if they think that none of the nine translations match their animal’s meow.

To lend credibility to such an application, which may raise plenty of suspicion, Javier Sanchez said he used his expertise from his work on Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa, to develop MeowTalk. “I was able to see how the sausage was made, how they formed their models and worked with all the scientific data platforms. …] i assumed, ‘Well, we will do something similar with cats and it may be an application,’” he told GeekWire.

Understand cat’s meows. If MeowTalk can make people smile, the American engineer emphasizes how important such an application will be, especially in these times of containment and health crisis. “A tool like this will help some people get even closer to their cat, especially if they can not be to bear with people on an everyday basis. It might be a game-changer,” he told Geek Wire.

Now at Akvelon, a technology company, Javier Sanchez said he’s engaged on a connected collar that would translate cat sounds directly into human language. an inspiration which will only remind us of the dog Doug within the Disney movie “Up there” who also speaks through a collar.

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