Advices to choose your hamster well

Choose your Hamster: Hamsters are all cuter than each other, which makes choosing a companion often difficult! But beyond its appearance, a hamster must above all be fulfilled and healthy.


1.The origin of a hamster: advantages and disadvantages
2.The importance of proper maintenance
3.How to check the health of a hamster?

You have decided to acquire a small hamster, and you are eager to welcome it into your home. Here are the essential points to check to make sure you make the right choice.

The origin of a hamster: advantages and disadvantages


Sometimes individuals find themselves with litters of hamsters, wanted or not, and try to give up the young. The advantage: the animals are generally used to being handled from a very young age. They are docile and easier to tame. The general environment is healthy with little microbial pressure.

The breeders

A breeder can be amateur or professional. Unlike the individual, he has regular litters of hamsters and a great knowledge of rodents. He will be able to answer all your questions and provide you with important information about the animal you have chosen, such as its date of birth, the identity of its parents and its character.

Pet Stores

These are the most common places to get a hamster. You will generally find a wide choice of individuals. But very often the males are not separated from the females, hence the risk of unwanted pregnancy. In addition, the animals are not regularly handled, and can be fearful or aggressive. Living in a community also subjects them to greater microbial pressure.

The importance of proper maintenance

Whether you decide to take your hamster to a private individual, a breeder or a pet store, it is essential to inspect the premises and check the maintenance conditions of the animals. The cages must be clean, spacious and not overcrowded, and suitable food (seed mix or better extruded feed) and water must be available to all hamsters.

How to check the health of a hamster?

Choose your hamster: Always make sure that a hamster is in good health before adopting it. Indeed, with the stress of transportation and change of living place, an animal that is already fragile and sick at the base has every chance of developing a serious, even fatal pathology. Observe carefully the individual of your choice. He must not have secretions or crusts on his nose and eyes, and he must not sneeze. His coat should be smooth and shiny, without holes. It is important that his bottom be dry and clean: diarrhea is common in hamsters. It is preferable to go shopping for your animal in the late afternoon, to see it awake and check that its behaviour is lively.

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