Adopt a kitten? Things you need to know about cats

When you want to adopt a kitten or an adult cat, especially in a shelter, there are a few key points to check in order to ensure its good health and behavior.

The decision to adopt a kitten (or an adult cat) must be made based on a few elements, notably on its past and its health. Is he weaned? What is its behavior in contact with other animals? These are the questions that should be asked. Here are the 10 points to look at.

The age of the cat

To adopt a kitten, it is better to wait until the end of the weaning period, a period of learning from its mother, at the age of eight weeks minimum. You will then have the guarantee of a cat that will have acquired the basics of education, if its mother has played her role correctly. (Learn more about the age of adoption of a kitten)

The cat’s state of health

If you adopt a cat from a shelter, make sure of its health and vitality. If the kitten moves little, it could indicate a health problem.


Also make sure that vaccinations are up to date. If a cat is found, go to your veterinarian to have it examined and vaccinated and identified if necessary.

The place of acquisition

The sale of animals being strictly regulated, if you adopt a cat coming from a private home or even from a shelter, the place of acquisition must be declared. You will thus have the possibility to have recourse if your cat develops a disease in the following days.

Contact with children

If you have children, it is better to establish a first contact between them and the cat you wish to adopt, in order to watch the children evolve with the animal and to avoid any unpleasant surprises in case of an aggressive cat.

Contact with your other animals

If you already own other animals, try to put them in contact with the cat before deciding to adopt. You will have an opinion on their agreement and avoid having to deal with daily conflicts. That said, this should not be a reason not to adopt the kitten, as it rarely goes well at first! Above all, it will allow you to be able to adapt yourself and your environment.

The cat’s behavior

Before any decision, it is better to observe the cat evolve. Is it a player? Does it degrade objects? Is it clean? These are all questions about its behavior that could make you change your mind and are not to be taken lightly.

The cost of care

A found cat requires the same annual care as a breeding cat. So ask yourself if you can afford these sometimes unpredictable expenses.

Your environment

If you live in a restricted environment, for example in an apartment, it may not be wise to take in an outdoor cat, especially if it is not able to go out and come in as it wishes.

The method of keeping a cat

A cat, like a child, must be able to be kept in case of absence. Before adopting, ask those around you about their willingness to take care of your cat when you are away.

Questions to ask in a shelter

If you adopt your cat in a shelter, do not hesitate to ask about its past and especially about the conditions in which it was taken in. If it was taken in a context of abuse, it could be fearful or, on the contrary, aggressive in contact with humans. Find out about their daily behaviour before making any decisions.

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