9 creative ideas to enrich the environment of cats and dogs

Enrich the environment of cats and dog: Fortunately, there are many ways to enrich the indoor environment for cats and dogs, and some even involve children. These activities can provide your pet with essential mental stimulation and help them avoid boredom. Be aware that boredom can lead to destructive behaviours in your pet if left unattended.

1. Organizing time together

Enrich the environment of cats and dogs: Being at home all day is a big change for everyone, including your pet. Try to create a new daily routine with specific times to spend together. For example, try to give your pet your undivided attention for fifteen minutes at the same time every day for a week. Find a quiet place and pet your pet for fifteen minutes, praising him or telling him a story.

Note how your pet reacts on the first day and observe its reaction a week later. He may start looking for you when it’s time to play, for example. If you enjoy this time together, make it a daily routine, and while keeping it that way, add a new activity.

2. Movement

Dogs and cats love moving objects, lights and sounds that distract them. For example, you can hang a bird feeder outside a window for your pet to look at. Cats especially like light reflectors, laser pens, feather dusters and moving toys. You can even try creating your own toys as a family. Light reflectors or mobiles are easy to make even for beginners.

3. Playing on the couch

Spending more time at home often means sitting on the couch for a long time watching a TV show. Your pet may enjoy cuddling up to you while you watch TV, but you can also give him something to do without leaving the couch.

We suggest keeping a toy basket or drawer nearby with stuffed animals, feathers and toys to catch. Encouraging your pet by voice is often enough when he interacts alone with a toy. Congratulatory words can also increase his enthusiasm for the activity and extend his play time.

4. Explore the space

Our pets rely on us to provide them with new and exciting experiences, which can be difficult when we are forced to stay at home. But there are ways to renew our daily lives.

We can create temporary indoor spaces for you to explore, filled with boxes and paper bags, or close a room for a week to allow your pet to rediscover the space afterwards.

Hide a few treats or his favorite toys in the room before reopening it. Don’t forget to renew toys to help create something new. Animals can get bored with a toy, but when it disappears for a while and then comes back, most will play with it with renewed enthusiasm.

5. Castles and tunnels for animals

Who doesn’t like to play in a castle built with pillows and blankets? Involve your children by asking them to build a castle with what you have on hand. You can also ask them to hide some delicious treats or your pet’s favourite toys in the castle; then let them explore it on their own and at their own pace.

As exciting as this game can be for children, remind them that it is important for animals to explore new spaces on their own and at their own pace.

If you have received packages recently, you can recycle them by building tunnels, towers and mazes with boxes for cats and small dogs to explore. If you have more than one cat, be sure to provide an entrance and exit so that no one gets trapped.

6. Sensory path

Cats sit on almost everything, even on things that seem uncomfortable, like a computer keyboard. This is partly because cats like to experiment with different textures and smells.

Instead of chasing them away from these places, create a sensory pathway for your cat to explore, sit and even take a nap.

You can use a basket or box that you place near a window or vent and fill it with a new material each week. From old T-shirts to wrapping paper, anything can intrigue a cat and it doesn’t have to be soft and comfortable. If your cat doesn’t like it, it simply won’t sleep on it.

7. Picnic for the animals

Picnics are always fun and you can have one outside in your yard or inside in your living room. Create a comfortable place with containers for food and treats, as well as boxes of your pet’s favourite toys.

Give your pet a small example of “unpacking” by arranging the boxes so that he can explore them. Take advantage of this time to be together in an unusual place and have different, exciting and rewarding experiences.

8. Treasure Hunt

Searching for food is a fun game for a dog and it appeals to the cat’s natural predatory instincts.

With a dog, hide treats or toys in different boxes and encourage the dog to look for them. We suggest that you let him watch you do this the first few times. Once he has grasped the principle, prevent him from entering the room where you are hiding the “treasure”. ” The goal is to proceed in small steps so that he understands the game and then you can increase the level of difficulty.

With a cat, try to hide small amounts of kibble in different areas of the house. Throughout the day, he can “chase” his food away, which will keep him active and give him some mental stimulation.

You can also encourage your dog to look for food in the garden or hide his food in small boxes, wrappers or rolls of toilet paper that you put in a larger box that he can tear open.

If you don’t have boxes and wrappers on hand, place a towel folded in half lengthwise on the floor, place treats on it and roll it up. Then let your dog figure out how to unroll the towel to reach the treats.

9. Classic Games

Of course, you can also choose classic games for dogs and cats, such as hide-and-seek, reporting and tracking.

If you play hide-and-seek with your dog, you may need to give him vocal clues to help him find you. Once he gets used to it, you can simply call him once and let him use his sense of smell to look for you.

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